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Four Point
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Back in April I had mine get hacked but bank declined charges and cancelled the card. Glad they did but they could have called me and let me know. 3 days after it got canceled (according to bank) I was on my way to work and filled up the truck and got nessary items for a month at work, no problems. Get to work and try to pay the power bill, it wouldn't work. Thought maybe the issue was our crappy internet offshore, most of the time the security part of banking stuff will timeout if it takes to long to complete a transaction or logging in and wont work. Tried a couple more times to no avail. Called the wife and had her try from home with my card, still no joy. She said call the bank and ask them whats going on. Called bank and they told me the card was canceled on a certain day cause someone from Japan was trying to use it. Said thanks but it would have been nice for yall to contact me and let me know. Bank is in Corpus and I live in Houston and work out of LA. Was told I could go to a shared bank in Houston and get cash or a temp card. Proceeded to tell the lady I am offshore out of LA and cant get there and cant get gas to get back there. She said there is a place bout an hr from our LA office I can get cash and they open at 9am. Well that's nice but in a month when I get back on land I will be back around 2-3am, can they open early, of course she said no. Anyways they mailed my card to the house then I had to have my wife mail to me. PIA it was. I got hit for about $1200 for 3-4 charges but the big on was around $800 and they were trying to book a Disney Cruise while I am sitting a an O&G platform in the darn Gulf of Mexico. I get home and the first time I try to purchase something, not 2 minutes later I get a call from the bank asking to verify my last 3 transactions. WTH, yall couldn't have done that when my account originally got messed up? In the past I have tried to make a purchase at a store to have it declined, I call the bank and they pretty much tell me my bad we thought some one else might be trying to use it. They can call me any other time and ask but if it is coming from overseas or out of country they automatically cancel it.
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TX Outlaw
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For those that pay at the pump and use atms watch this video .this is how most people get their card hacked . There’s more videos on it also .
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Pope & Young
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Got hit last night for $129 bucks, De Jersey Wash & Shine.

Caught it early as a pre authorization and had the bank cancel the card. Bank said they still had to pay MasterCard the $129 bucks even though its being stolen. Then its up to MasterCard to refund, total bs, FUBAR!
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