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Default Aluminum Boat Patchwork Help/Advice

Grabbed a wide 14 foot jon boat with a title for cheap on Craigslist...I knew going in that it had a leak, but figured I could give a patch a shot. May have been a little optimistic...

The whole hull is sound minus a spot about 6-10" from the transom, where the gas tank would sit, and was really the only place it leaked.

I took the grinder to the gobs of silicone, flex seal and JB weld to see what I was dealing with, rather than just add to that mess. This is about where I got before the grinder grabbed the edge of the crack and pulled it open some more. I basically left it at that over the weekend, and Easter and T-ball have kept us busy since.

I've got clean aluminum on the bottom of the boat. Obviously some JB weld still on the inside hull on this picture, you can see a lot of that gunk in the channel.

Any advice GS? Keep grinding this off and then braze the aluminum? Rivet a patch in? Fiberglass? just go back with JB weld?
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