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Ten Point
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Default Charcoal forge

Threw together a charcoal forge. Every piece came out of the scrap pile. (Glad I haven't been more motivated or it would already be at the recycler)

Top hat brake rotor from a 2500, random pipe with plate on the end, top of a drum, blowers from a vent hood, sheet metal from drum lids.

I ran out of welding gas on the ducting and kept welding anyway. Then I ran out of wire, but found some flux core. Legs are temporary just so I could test it.

I need to cut a notch in the drum lid so work pieces can lay flatter, and add a dimmer for the blowers. They are great for getting the fire started but blow way too hard and eat up lots of fuel.

Pretty happy with my first forging ever. And yes that's the only anvil I have. Mainly beating on that table. It's got a 1" thick top. No rebound but plenty of weight.

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Ten Point
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That's pretty nice. I made one out of just a brake drum one time, but it was too small. I like what you did.
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Pope & Young
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Good job! If you use it to make a knife I bet eet weell keel

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Ten Point
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Put a rheostat on your blowers!
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Pope & Young
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Nice I did one in propane. Works pretty good

Sierracharlie outů
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Six Point
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Good Job!
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