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Dapper Dan
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Default Traditional archery input

Okay peeps. I've been thinking about giving an old school stick & bow a try. Been doing some reading up on it, but was hoping to get some input from the GS. Any references or web sights you have would be great.

I'm still undecided between a recurve and longbow. Looking for features, setups I should look for when purchasing a trad. bow and what I might need to look at as far as accessories go.

Also what are the top traditional bow manufactures that carry a wide variety.
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Bob Sarrels here in Texas makes some great bows at fair prices and is a great guy!In fact I saw his bows compete for top places in the Worlds Traditional Championships this year.As far as recurve or longbow you'll find folks who lean either way.I personally like recurves a little better but love shooting my longbows as well.Check out his website!
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If I were you, I'd make a post on the trad page and see if there is anyone on TBH that lives in your area that will let you try their toys. I live in Humble, NE of Houston, and I have several bows you could play with. I have both longbows and recurves.
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