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Originally Posted by stagkiller101 View Post
I own a 2005 hoyt razortec. I have yet to find and outof the box quieter or smoother bow. At a 2005 model cam and half setup its been a great choice and held up well. I'm not a brand fanatic just know what feels good to me. Not bashing any other makes just giving my opinion is all.
I used to go in to the bow shop just to touch that bow!!! I miss it so much. No doubt one of the best bows I ever shot. Been a Hoyt shooter ever since
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J. Colwell
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Originally Posted by wlfhound27 View Post
Whats ridiculous is that you couldnt pull back a Hoyt. dont get mad at me. I gave an opinion and you came at my opinion first. You Mathew gurus are funny as can be. No problem with the shooting tips. Anytime!
I'm not really sure how to reply to all the statements you have made regarding my manhood nicely but I guess I will say that you and I have very different opinions when selecting bows. Personally, I choose one that is smooth drawing, smooth on the shot, comfortable, dead in the hand, forgiven, light weight, quite, and can still produce a decent speed with the smooth draw. IMO, the Vector was not even in the same ballpark and did not meet any of these requirements next to the Heli-m with the exception of speed and they were just about identical. Everybody has their own opinions and I say shoot what works best for you. Also, I will say that I do not need any of your shooting tips and I will put money on that.

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X2 on the Elite Answer. If none of you guys have tried one your missing a legendary bow. I own an elite answer and will never get rid of it. It will be a long time before anybody can make a bow that will beat it. Throw all brand bias aside they are incredible. Their production has gone up 60%, looking at 6 to eight weeks to get your hands on a special order bow. Elite has now made it the big four. Elite, mathews, bow tech and Hoyt.
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A friend had the Z7, and another had the Spyder. I have a Hoyt Vulcan. I have shot the other two and to me the Spyder is a better bow. The Z7 shoots great, but I personally prefer the Hoyt. Good Luck with a tough choice
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Originally Posted by Centraltexan View Post
Shot the chill and helium, great bows, just didn't like the draw cycle on the chill and the wall on the heli. I went with the 30"spider.
go shoot the creed you will like it.just got back from the shop shot the creed about 24 times i now have a helim for sale
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