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Default Euro mount ram head?

My son shot a 33" Black Hawaiian, with a broken horn on the right, last winter. We got the Euro mount back from the taxi and it looks great.

I have tried mounting it to a board we made a few different ways, but mount is really heavy and leans to the side with the full horn. I can't figure out a way to attach the skull to keep it from twisting. I'm looking to mount it angled up slightly, in a more natural position.

Is there a way I can do this? I've seen the Skull Hooker things, but they don't look strong enough to me. Maybe I'm wrong. I've read through all the old threads but noting is jumping out at me as an "a-ha, that's it!" solution.

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Skull hookers are designed for this and Ive seen a bighorn skull in one....if it can hold a DBH head, I'm sure it would have no problem with an exotic skull
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Get a Long Screw drill a hole slightly smaller in back of skull at position/ angle you want and screw it in. We do this with all our euros.
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Don't laugh but I use zip ties. I drill 4 holes in the back of skull and 4 holes in the plaque. I fish a zip tie through 2 holes and another through the other 2. Then cinch the skull to the plaque.
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Default Euro mount ram head?

I use a bolt and a T-nut. Drill a hole large enough for a the T-nut to fit just in front of hole where spinal cord comes out. Put bolt thru from back of plaque and skull. Can be kind of tricky to line up T-nut and bolt but you can tighten down on it pretty good and it should not move.

I usually trim off one side to get the nut thru the spinal hole. And use forceps to insert and hold in position to thread the bolt in. Although I think I might start using all thread and a nut behind the plaque and cut it after it is tight to the plaque.

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They make different size skull hookers. I have 3 whitetails and a fallow hanging on them. The fallow is on the medium sized one.

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