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Default Wheel alignment help

I took my truck in today to have my tires rotated and my front end aligned. I have a 2013 f150 fx4 with a 2.5Ē level kit. My last set of bfgís wore pretty bad so i didnít want that to happen with the new tires i recently had put on. I ended up buying a 5 year alignment package that included tire rotations. They came back and told me that they got the toe in to spec but couldnít get the camber right without adding a kit which would cost another $200 or so. I told them Iíd pass until i had a chance to do a little research on my own. I made a trip to Home Depot later in the day and noticed my steering wheel was cock-eyed when driving straight. Everything i read seems to point to not needing a kit but someone thatís maybe a little better at doing alignments. I guess Iím going to take it to a different location and try a different technician. Have any of you guys dealt with anything similar?
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The fact that your steering wheel isn't straight shows that they were not paying attention to details. The first thing I always ask is what were the specs when I brought it in, and what are the specs now. I had a guy in Deer Park (autoline America). He would print out all this information so you could review. Good luck.
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If your steering wheel is crooked, your alignment is off. Take it somewhere you trust and have it fixed.

However, you mention you recently had new tires put on. I did my first rotation on my new set of tires, and after, the truck pulled to the right, hard (2012 F250). I took it in, they swapped the front tires, and the truck pulled to the left. Tire pressures all the same. Found out the one tire was bad, and had it replaced. I hadn't noticed before because it was on the back of the truck.

Did they rotate your tires for the first time as well? You may just have a bad tire.
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I had my F350 done in New Braunfels for $80.
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