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Four Point
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Default ILF Riser off the shelf

I'm wanting to setup my Hoyt riser to be shot off the shelf. It needs to be built up (curved) and out for center shot. I've seen those silicone arrow rests for metal risers on Ebay.
Has anyone tried them out?
Or what would be the best way top do what I'm wanting to do?
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Ten Point
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Glue on furniture pads are thick and work nice for what you're trying to do. They can be found at wallie-world. Good luck.
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Pope & Young
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This is a Hoyt Excel ILF, and the bow I currently shoot.

What you see here is a piece of wood dowel (broom handle I think), milled to fit the contour of the riser, and build up to the berger button hole. All covered in the fuzy side of velcro.

Not at all hard to do, and works great with full center shot adjustment.

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