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Default Sutton County Fall Greens

Okay green screen here's the deal. If you own or hunt in Sutton County you know the limited rainfall that normally falls on an annual basis. Our biologist said forget the food plots just break the surface up with a tractor and disc. If the winter rains come the disturbed surface will generate new weed growth.

I've had decent success planting oats and wheat however I have waited the last two winters to plant in the first half of December. The days are much cooler and more moisture in the ground. Our soil type is good bottom land, the PH is balanced and will grow seed without adding fertilizer.

So the question is ... If you have planted winter greens and had multiple year success ...
1) What did you plant
2) How many years of success with the seed
3) Any combination plantings that were successful
4) Planting rate per acre

Looking forward to the green screen response
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