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Eight Point
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Default Cowtown Field Archery?

I saw a little about some field archery at Cowtown on facebook. I have never shot field archery but it looks fun and I have a couple basic questions.

1 Is there a barebow class, and if so what are the max distances?

2 If there is no barebow class, What is the max distance for men?

3 Is it known yardage?

4 How many do yall put on a year, and are there going to be anymore this year and next year?

5 How many shots do you take in a match?

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Four Point
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Good afternoon.
I will try my best to answer your questions. Yes there is a Bare Bow Class. I full round is 28 total targets and you shoot 4 arrows per target. It is known distance and it varies anywhere from I believe 11 yards to a max of 80yrds. Cowtown Hosts 2 Field shoots every year currently and our last one this year was last weekend that you are referencing. It is a ton of fun and unlike any other archery you will shoot. We will be hosting 2 more for sure next year as well. Not sure where you are located but you can contact me at anytime about possible club membership or all of our shoots that are on the calendar on our web site are open to the public as well. Please let me know if there is any other questions or if I can help in any way. Thank you
Kevin Hubbard
Cowtown Bowmen Membership / PR Director
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Nubbin' Buck
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I'm not associated with Cowtown or their File Archery shoots but can comment of the NFAA guidelines. There is a Barebow Class in NFAA but it can include compounds and more about finger shooting than TRAD gear. The traditional classes are TRAD which included recurves and longbows using carbon arrows. They also have a Longbow Class which requires the use of wood arrows. In 2014 NFAA amended their rules to allow TRAD and Longbow class to shoot from the youth stakes on shots longer than 50 yds. Some clubs have accept the change and others require you still shoot from the longer stakes.
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