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Default tuning help needed

Ok so I picked up my bow from a cable replacement on friday and on my third shot I got a perfect robin hood so I assumed all was good, WRONG! I assumed my bow would still be good cause it was putting arrows where I wanted it and I had my broad heads tuned right before. IE perfect shot placement on a hog in april. Well last night i missed a hog I should have smoked at 10 yds then the one I shot wasn't hit at my point of aim. So this morning I got out and shot field points VS broad heads and found that now my broad heads are down 1" and right 1/2-1" so I did my usual move the rest to the field points and took a shot with a field point then aimed at the nock of the field point and cut that arrows nock and tail end with the broad head but they have two different points of impact. I'm thinking I went wrong aiming at the nock instead of prior point of aim however I was worried i might have drifted while aiming. Either way the arrows have two different trajectories. One straight in contact and one nose down matching the angle I was standing above the target. I'm lost and i need help not to mention burning through arrows. before I go buy new arrows and start from scratch I need some wisdom. All testing/tuning was done at about 10 YDS with a Bowtech insanity at 61# with QAD HDx and beaman ICS hunters 340 spine cut to 27 1/2 tipped with 100gr. Razor tricks. I would almost rather get my bow back shooting bullets and go to a mechanical that flys perfect with my field points but I cant just roll over. I just dont get it perfect flight with field points I assumed meant a good clean tune.
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