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Ten Point
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Unhappy Bummer, Texas

7th least peaceful state. We are more peaceful than Missouri - 6th, Arizona - 5th, Florida - 4th, Nevada - 3rd, Tennessee - 2nd and Louisiana comes in at #1. . We a slightly less peaceful than Arkansas (8), South Carolina (9) and Mississippi in 10th place.

7. Texas
> Violent crimes (excl. murder) per 100,000: 445.3 (15th most)
> Murders per 100,000: 5.0 (18th most)
> Incarceration rate per 100,000: 648 (4th most)
> Police per 100,000: 359.5 (14th most)
> Basic access: 79.2 (6th lowest)
> Total cost of violence: $42.75 billion
For one of the least peaceful states in the U.S., Texas actually has relatively low violent crime and murder rates. However, the state has the fourth-highest incarceration rate, with 648 of every 100,000 residents in state prison. According to the Peace Index, violence costs the state $42 billion each year, more than any state but California. Texas has the lowest high school graduation rate in the country, at just over 80%. The state also has the lowest percentage of residents with health insurance in the U.S. The Peace Index also rated the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown area as the fifth least-peaceful large metropolitan region in the U.S.
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Ryan M.
Eight Point
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Well darn.
Guess they haven't been out to experience the country
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Pope & Young
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You have to look at the number of big cities that are present in Texas. We have Bryan/College Station, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Amarillo, Midland/Odessa. You also have to remember that we are located right up against the Mexican border, and you can bet your butt that more than a few of these cases are from the folks that came across. Now how many big cities do most other states have? Also what is the population of Texas compared to all of these other states? How many miles of beach front do these other states have? You will notices that the 2 states that have the most beachfront have the highest cost.

I am going to have to say that this is definitely not a shocking revelation that we are not very high on the most peaceful list. Anybody else notice that all of the other least peaceful states are having trouble with illegals with the exception of Louisiana and Tennessee?
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Pope & Young
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Not really surprised to be honest. But I won't go into the reasons as why I feel that way. It'll turn political and I don't really feel like going to the cooler. I've heard Michael and a couple of the others have been trigger happy lately. I'm gonna be a good boy.
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Ten Point
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I wonder what that would be if you excluded the existence of houston and dfw... SA too i guess...

When I'm dealing with statistics at work, I often play what-ifs... excluding a high performer to see what a realistic team-wide productivity avg is, etc etc.... it's amazing how you can skew statistics to prove a point... My boss hates arguing stats with me for this reason

I see an agenda behind these numbers.... hope youguys do too...
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Pope & Young
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same info was sent to me. the stats are flawed and comes from with a liberal slant.

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Ten Point
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Their aint a whole lot of people trying to get out, seems the other way around
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Pope & Young
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I think the people running that study used gun ownership percentage as a negative finding.
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