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Default Great Weekend at Big Oak Bowhunting (April 28-30 2017)

I got to spend the Weekend with my Dad and Brother in Law at Big Oak Bowhunting. We had a little bit of weather move in on Saturday, but there was still plenty of action on the Ranch. I don't think any of us went to the Ranch with any animal in particular other than Hogs in mind, but that quickly changed when we drove around and spotted some animals. My Brother in law got himself a very nice Ram, and my Dad bagged a beastly Catalina. The same afternoon my dad was able to bag a Hog during a spot and stalk. (the weather for that evenings sit was iffy. As you may know severe storms rolled through the area April 29th) We made it to the stands anyhow and despite some pretty heavy winds and rains two more hogs were taken.
This is the part where I tell you about the nice stands they have at the ranch. I stayed nice and dry during a heavy rain. They have both box style blinds as well as ladder stands at most locations. The boxes may be a little warm this time of year, but seriously nice in pouring rain. Ms. Baggley got in on the action for some of the recoveries. (The new pup is showing promise already, but Baggley isn't ready to had over the reigns)
Other than the animals we shot, there was a lot of others to be seen. I shot plenty of them with my camera. Axis, Fallow, Red Deer, were plenty.
Anyone who has been to the ranch will tell you the the food and lodging are excellent (Big thank you to Lisa) The cabin is all you could want in your downtime. We had fun shooting the 3d targets outside and watching Marty show us how its done with his BlackWidow.
Whitney works hard to get you where you need to be to be successful and was a great guide. Really can't give her enough credit. Thank you Whitney.
To wrap things up, if you want a fun weekend of hunting, good company, and great food, you need to look no further. Call Whitney and book a trip.
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