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I may have had a Lemon, but not my problem anymore. Some may recall the various threads I put on asking for advice so here's the basics:

2013 Ford King Ranch with the Eco engine. LOVED the truck and look but right around 70K miles, here we go...sudden loss of power, engine light on, scared the hell out of me since I'm retired now.

Had it repaired, repaired again...drove great for a day or two and here we go again. Finally had 2 Ford mechanics, one on TBH, tell me they had seen a LOT of problems with this year model and also seen engine replacements less than 150K miles? They BOTH told me, in all fairness, that models after 2013 were much better but did not help me.

Got rid of it and happy with my Tundra now. I know, we all can have great rides, but there is always one and with me it was the Eco in this year model. NOT bashing, just my experience. Oh....this particular ECO engine had lot's of power until I had to tow my 16' Tandum with a Crew UTV...still had response but averaged less than 10MPG...but again...not just the Eco. Tundra MPG sucks but it has all the power I need in the 5.7.
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