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2014 5.0 4x4 Super Crew that will flat haul butt when needed and it ain't no slow poke anywhere on the road or in town. I do not know about mileage as mine goes from over to 17 to under 11 depending on how I am driving or what I am loaded with or towing. Never bought a vehicle for mileage so I really do not care what mileage I get as long as it gets me there and back.

When I bought this truck in 2014, the Eco Boost had been out for 3 years as had the 6.0 diesel I bought in 2006. Spent $12,000 on the 6.0 so I was not about to do that again with the Eco Boost, never even drove one as I had my mind already made up when I started looking. Maybe a mistake, but I am very happy with my '14 5.0!
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