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Originally Posted by EastTexasMan;

Summary: [/B]It says that if you are staying longer than 72 hours OR traveling more than 20 miles from the border, you are required to have a tourist Visa (Like when you fly into cancun and fill out the paper) that will last up to 6 months, and keep it with your Passport. They are ~$20 at border, or can do online, but has to be stamped at the border per this site.

It also appears that they will check you at the "checkpoints" for it, but if you don't pass a checkpoint then the only issue I see, reading the info and laws is that a cop could hassle you if your outside the 20 miles border zone.
Sounds like another tax. The part that bugs me the most is that the representative can make the duration whatever they want. Hopefully they just make them 6 months to match the gun permit.

On another note, does anybody know when the season dates are generally announced? I am guessing I will need to check angadiís Facebook page for updates....
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