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We stayed in a hotel in Lampasas but I do not believe they have full shower facilities in the main campground. Camped there many years ago and if I remember right, they only have an outdoor "rinse off" type shower for folks who were splashing in the river.

When we were there, the staff assigned the compartments based on size and number of hunters in each party. They didn't assign until after orientation so no early scouting. They did cut us loose early on the first day (around noon) and we spent several hours walking and scouting before setting up popups and corning areas. Trails are EVERYWHERE so hard to pinpoint hot traffic areas for deer.

The staff member who showed us our compartment gave us some suggestions on areas to hunt. Specifically he pointed out the few "open" areas within the compartment. My recommendation is focus on open areas (even if they are near a road) and get corn on the ground. Most deer we saw were skirting the edge of open cover so we spread corn along the edges. Also I would pick a couple different areas in case one isn't producing. What we saw was once the deer found the corn, they kept coming back. May be worth trying scented (apple) corn to draw deer quicker.

A bunch of deer in that park. Didn't see any large bucks but should be plenty of targets available. On our hunt, every kid had an "opportunity" at deer. Unfortunately one kid missed, several couldn't get off a shot, or just passed on a smaller buck. Good luck.
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