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We have been feeding protein to our deer for many, many years. I can tell you feeding protein and cheap are not even in the same sentence. We have tried many different brands through the years. Something that is not being said all proteins are not alike. We have tried an off brand that the deer ate it like there was no tomorrow to expensive brands that deer ate it the same as the others.
Looking at the tags will not lead you to much information as the tags only tell you what is required by law.
We tried Purina Antler max and didn't see much to it except broken main beams during the rut. We are currently feeding L/E and seeing much improvement in antlers and weight in our mature deer. L/E sent out a biologist to the ranch free of charge just to look over our browse and what the deer would eat. They came up with a plan on what to feed depending on the season and range conditions. So depending on rainfall amounts, amount of browse we get our protein at different levels (%) of protein throughout the year. L/E is the only company that does this for us. And also contact you during the year to see how things are progressing.
We are a low fence operation with Bowhunting as the only option. This year we took a 170" ten point that weighed 212 lbs live weight.
I can tell you % protein is not the only thing you need to think about. On our 3800 acres we feed about 65K+lbs per year of protein L/E pellets and about 5 tons cotton seed in 8 feed pens, (free range). About 1 protein station for every 475 acres, and need to add more stations to get to 1 station per 250 acres. AS you can see it gets expensive but if are limiting the amount that the deer eat then you are spinning your wheels and not getting the benefit you desire from your deer herd.
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