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Originally Posted by texansfan View Post
That game was a gimmie.
The raiders were so banged up it was like the Texans played SHSU.

They should not be proud of that "win" at all.

Let's see what today (Miami) brings us.
No such thing as a gimme.

They should be proud of that win considering each of their quarterbacks look like they should be starting for SHSU.

#1 D can get you all the way. If they had consistency on OLine and out of their starting QB...

I'm almost disappointed they didn't let Weeden play any throughout this entire mess.

They have got to get more production from Miller, starting with the patchwork OLine playing out of their minds the remainder of the playoffs.

No more turnovers from Brock... not a single stupid turnover. That's asking a lot, I know. Atleast the tall ******* can run a little

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