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The deer movement I am looking for is not necessarily the rut. We all know bucks are looking and chasing during the rut. But do bucks tend to move in the daylight hours on certain days of the month (moon related) regardless of the rutting period. If so, it could open up specific days to be in the woods early and late in the season. Remember the days 3 before and after a full moon and 3 before and after a new moon. All this takes time and hundreds of dated pictures to find the possible trends. Something to make deer hunting a little more interesting.

Checked with my cousin. He had a picture of a really big 10pt near Zavalla just after noon on a day in December. 3rd day before the full moon. Only pic of him during the season on 5 cameras. I also checked a few of my pics from last year and 4 out of 5 were one hour within moon overhead.
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