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This was Angelina National Forest south of Zavalla. 4 cameras with date and time. Last year was my first year after a 7or 8 layoff from deer hunting. I was tired of not seeing many deer and I was killing the redfish in Oct and Nov.

In years past hunting Woodville and Newton area the rut always seem to be the end of October and even some the end of Sept. However, there is something to those dates.

Years ago when trail cameras first came out a couple guys sorted through several years of pic and found a pattern. something like 80% of the daytime bucks were on 4 days of the month. These 'buck days' they called them were the 3rd day before and after a full moon and a new moon. Nov 22 and 23 were 3 days before the full moon.

I have records of 8 big bucks killed in Oklahoma (bow hunting heaven) in broad daylight and 7 were on the 3rd before a full moon and 1 was a one of the other buck days. Last year someone I know from Lumberton killed a big 7 pt well after daylight on the 22nd near Boykin Springs, also 3rd day before the full moon.

I will be camped on my stand the 11, 12, and 13 of Nov. Oct maybe, but that is middle of the week and I may be out of town.

Something to kick around.

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