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My name is Kenneth Woodrum. I've been a bowhunter for more than twenty years. I spent the majority of my hunting career with the wheels. Now I can't pick it up anymore. I started making selfbows and that was that. I enjoy making it harder on myself.
Anyway, I'm an electrician. Been at the same company for twenty years. For the last twelve years I've been a jobsite superintendent wiring schools and grocery stores and whatever else we get. I'm 37 years old and all the hours worked make me feel twice my age. I used to fish in all the bass tournaments I could but now I couldn't be happier shooting a longbow in the yard. Something is magical about the flight of an arrow shot from a bare bow. I'm not a good writer but you get the point. There's many a shooter better than me with a stick bow, but I guarantee, there's no one who works harder at it. I haven't missed a day shooting in a year and a half. I'm sure the wife is about ready to call it quits! Thanks for this opportunity to become part of this bows history. Hope I can let the air out of something with her!
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