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Originally Posted by Bisch View Post
I just had my wife draw all the names out of a hat, and here is the official order of the new list:

1) Bluegoose
2) Pigthumper
3) CRM 95
4) TP3
5) SwampGhost
6) Featherflinger
7) yleecoyote23
8) Danielb89
9) Hunter Todd
10) txpitdog
11) Graysonhogs
12) RS3
14) Randy Madden
15) PineyWoodsBow
16) Tx Mark
17) DCT
18) DRT
20) spidermonkey
21) Stone Cold Bobby

Right now, the bow is in the hands of Sneaky. He has it for just a little while longer, then it goes to TXJim, who is the last person on the old list. TXJim will be responsible for getting to he bow shipped to Bluegoose after his month is up.

Please remember to comment on the Sacajawea sticky thread and tell us a little about yourself and your time with Sacajawea.


My screen name has changed. No more Pigthumper. Don't know why that was chosen. Hated that handle from day one. What if someone left the T out . That could seriously alter my rep!
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