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Growing up in northern michigan in a mostly Polish town i've got the sauerkraut thing down to a science. We used to make ours in a 3' tall crock in the garage in early november (temps got right about then). a couple of important things to keep in mind.
-cut it as thin as possible (we used to have a wooden cabbage size mandolin we used)
-after you core your cabbage be sure to weigh it
-you need something to pack your cabbage down with (use a potato masher)
-use about 3/4 cup of salt per 20# of cored cabbage.
-put a layer down, pack it down tight, sprinkle with some salt, and repeat till your done.
-it will draw water out of the cabbage as the salt does it's thing, if it doesn't make enough to cover the cabbage completely add some bottled water.
-add either a weighted plate or crock weight (or you can use a zip lock full of water)to keep the cabbage submerged (it absolutely has to stay completely submerged.
ideally you want it someplace in the 50's to make really good kraut. should take a minimum 3 weeks but closer to 6 always seems to make better kraut.
Thats it for basic kraut-you can do german kraut by adding caraway seeds at about a teaspoon per head of cabbage.
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