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Originally Posted by Artos View Post
Oh, I was always under the impression it was a possibility simply because so many high ranking nazi's made to South America...Hitmen from Israel hunted them down mercilessly & were very successful at it. My gut told me there would likely be no way for him to hide with the combination of poor health & being so recognizable. I would place a wager that he checked out & probably didn't want to end up like his compadre in Italy.

It's all very interesting & have always enjoyed contemplating the alternatives.
Yep, that was my thoughts also. IF Hitler made it out of the bunker he definitely would not have gotten away from the Mossad...Ö..those boys don't play!!!
Originally Posted by rocky View Post
All I can say is from books Iíve read. According to these books, his health issues stemmed from a failed assassination attempt that left wood splinters in him. My post is not so much about Hitler as it is about the information that is withheld from us. There were a lot of American banks and investment institutions that (knowingly or not) financed the Nazi regime. The wealth that the Naziís stole from Europe was astounding. Canít wait to gather more details about Al qeada and OBL.
Yessir!!! I started learning those things about 15 years ago. It is incredible what goes on...ÖÖ...all under national security!
Originally Posted by AZST_bowhunter View Post
I served on the USS Carl Vinson from November 2008 to May 2012. I was onboard when Seal Team 6 brought on OBL. We were not allowed to see the body they did bring on a body, they were on ship about a week, we did dump a body into the ocean, we attached 4 90#dumbells to the body prior to discarding it.

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That is very kewl sir! Just being in that environment had to be quite surreal.
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