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Overall, it seems there are more people into archery than ever before. Take my favorite public hunting spot for example; I see far more people hunting there than I did in the past. This may be due to increased access to information though.

We started a 4H archery club 3 years ago, we have over 30 members and regularly have 15-20 in attendance at practice.

I think the ASA qualifiers do have something to do with it, they are really gaining in popularity and it is a great place for an up-and-coming archer (under 18 years old) to get recognized and maybe pick up sponsors. Since that doesn't happen at a club shoot archers will spend their time at the shoots where they can network with archery pros or manufacturers.

There are also more shoots than there used to be and shops are having leagues more often. I could shoot an indoor 3D league every Monday night, and three 3D shoots a month within an hour of my house. And another shop is building a bigger building to hold leagues to include indoor 3D.

One other thing may be Olympic Style Archery is more popular than ever as well. In the past most would start with compound and then move to Olympic but I see more and more starting with, and sticking to, Olympic Archery.

It is going to take some creative, and probably collaborative, thinking to keep 3D club shoots relevant amid all the options that are available today to archers.

Something our 4H club is doing is a buckle series at the end of Summer. We have three clubs participating, and three tournaments will be held with cumulative scoring; winners will be awarded really nice buckles (as well as regular trophies). Things like this will help to bolster attendance at 3D club shoots, I hope.
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