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Originally Posted by Mels Soldier View Post
Ok I need some help. I ahve been out there a couple times now with out any luck. The closest I ahve come to anything is finding a decent wallow a couple weeks ago and all the dead hogs in the pecan grove. I was out this morning in the area of gate 6, checkpoint IV and V. tried sitting, tried stalking. Snuck up on some cows, suprised a orange cat and got close enough to soem squirrels to hit em with a rock. but no hogs. I would love to be able to go out there with someone who knows the area. Leave me a message if you can assist.
I just got back from the Granger Ranger Extreme Hunt and I will be traveling for the next couple of weeks but as soon as I get back I would be happy to show you around out there!!
in the meantime you can hook up with Paintman,Crod888 or HillCountryBowhunter and I'm sure they will help they are all good guys and know alot about granger!
good luck and I will contact you when I get back from traveling..
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