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Originally Posted by Texas Grown View Post
I see three violations in that pic. 1st is obvious tree stand being nailed into the tree. Second is construction of a project on ACE lands. Third is on the edge of the water. Someone cut part of that tree down at the base. Stuff like this that cause the project managers wanting to do away with hunting programs. Because they have to pay the man hours to enforce the law, and clean it all up. That cuts into the project budget where as those funds could be used in other places for restoration of some of the parks when they flood, or have some how been damaged.

Simple GPS coordinates to the office via their web sight/e-mail and that should be taken care of by some of the staff. If not, send it to the district office and they will make sure the project manager gets it taken care of . If it's not stopped now, feeders will be going up next. I've seen this type of behavior to many times to know in my 30+ years of hunting ACE lands. I'd sure hate to see yall fellers loose some hunting grounds out there.

I sent over the coordinates as soon as I got back to the truck. This guy had a trail cam set up that wasn't locked down and there was another stand about 200 yd south of this one overlooking a shallow creek.

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