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Here's the temp. group logo (send better if anyones a graphix guy please)

Here's the OFFICIAL memo concerning Blinds, Tree stand, and Feeders at TBR:

The letter reads as follows:

Wednesday, October 07, 2009 3:59 PM

When visiting with the public on blinds please inform them that if they leave a blind at Twin Buttes it is abandoned property and is the same as illegal dumping (lake operations have to clean the mess up every year just as do brush or any other thing that is dumped). They need to be encouraged to use pop-up blinds that they can carry in and out of the field.

Please also remind them that it is ILLEGAL to cut trees and vegetation to make blinds out of.

Feeders left will be treated the same as blinds left. they too are abandoned property. They should be encouraged to hand broadcast feed just like at the State Parks.

Randy Harris Commander
San Angelo Lake & Park Police

I.E. Tree stands are also considered as blinds for all purposes concerned.

I'd like to add that I dont agree with the policy but untill we can get some sort of dialouge with those recommending these rules we will abide by them. We will be working on a policy such as the State Parks where you have up to 48hrs to leave stands and blinds as long as they are tagged with name date address, etc.

This is but one reason WHY we have started this CVHA to help us have a voice in matters that concern us all. Please get involved even if its just to give suggestion on policy, help us write our by laws, mission statement, and groups Constitution.

Thanks guys! We are doing this for YOU!

Rob Sparks - CVHA President
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