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Originally Posted by Hafernick View Post
I haven't been hunting in Angelo for two years. So it may have changed since then. I have killed ducks just everywhere on the Buttes. There is so much water its tough to tell you where to hunt with out being there.

I will tell you I have had consistently good hunt on water near the south pool.

If you look at the map SA Bowman has posted there is a bottle neck near unit II it is right where the south pool meets the river. If you need more info call me 713-203-9912 I will explain the best I can.

Thanks for posting Dustin. Good to see ya around here again.

Deer movement was pretty slow the last week or so, but we still managed to put a couple down. I've talked to some other guys hunting TBR yesterday and they have been doing really well. Word is that some good size 8 and 10 point bucks have been taken in the past couple weeks. So stay out there and put some time in and you'll get your chance still. Good luck guys as the season in quickly coming to the end soon.

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