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Originally Posted by ATX Tyler View Post
I highly recommend the 4th Arrow camera arms. They use a ball joint type of mounting system that makes it really easy to mount it to any angle of tree. Get a decent fluid tripod head (I use manfrotto and another cheaper one from Amazon). If you want to get good footage, don't go cheap on the head. Spending $75-100 on a good head will make a difference for sure. Another less thought about accessory that makes my life so much easier is a varizoom lanc controller. Basically let's you turn on your camera, control zoom, and recording without taking your hand off the head handle. Depends on your camera as to whether you can use that though. What are you running for a camera?
See in red bold as I completely agree! And I'll add a good shotgun mic for better audio...especially in the wind (with wind cover). I've been using an old Prmios arm for years and added the Manfrotto head. Works well
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