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Sacajawea has made it to Georgetown Texas. My name is Robert Staton and my first experience with archery was when my dad brought home a Ben Pearson longbow when I was in elementary school. All I really remember about that was shooting at a Haybale in the vacant lot across the street. I also remember my grandfather and a cousin helping me look for arrows lost in the grass.

In 1992 while in college I bought a Bear Whitetail II compound, sight unseen for $75 from a roommates buddy back home. In the fall of 93 I began bow hunting on my dad’s game poor place on the Sabine River near Lindale where I grew up. We had very few deer and the hogs were just starting to show up. In the fall of 94 I killed my first archery deer and haven’t looked back. Eventually I bought a new compound and continued to pursue deer and pigs.

When I graduated from college I had two job opportunities. One in Waco where I had attended school, had two sisters living there, my grandparents, an aunt and three cousins, not to mention numerous buddies. I knew the area well and was comfortable with the surroundings. The other job opportunity was in Georgetown. I knew nobody in Georgetown but the last thing I remember hearing before I made my decision was my dad saying, “Georgetown is closer to better deer hunting”.

In over 25 years of bow hunting I’ve been blessed to take numerous game animals including five on the dark continent during which time I was hunting with the likes of Tom Miranda and Greg Ritz.Tom included us in an episode of his show Adventures Wild.

I gained an interest in traditional archery around 2014 when my dad gave me a red wing hunter recurve that a widow lady had given to him. In 2016, I made my first traditional kill on a whitetail doe in Kansas, hunting with a guy named Bisch, and managed to take a gray fox this last season.

Thanks to those of you that made this idea possible!
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