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I have no more secret spots. They've all been overrun with people. So I don't even tell or suggest what units now. I've told a few in the past thinking I was helping. But the only thing I was helping was for more people to hunt the areas I do. I'm not opposed to bringing new hunters into the sport. But if I gave out info for everyone that asked, we'd have 3 times as many people on the lake than what we do now. And game, being it's currently only limited by state laws and not by ACE, would be shot out, as it's almost to that point now. There used to be some really good areas with a lot of game. Now, with the population and current laws on AR, most of those places are being shot out. The quality of deer has certainly declined with the hunter population increase. On the other hand, there is a whole lot less poaching going on there. I'm sorry yall may never get to know the way it used to be down there in certain places. Or it's history.

Like stated above, if you want to learn the ropes, get out and learn the land. There is no better educator than hands on experience.
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