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Originally Posted by jooger17 View Post
Can you tell me the benefit of having all that weight up front? I haven't chronographed her bow but 180fps doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility. It just seems like super slow motion to a guy that is used to pushing close to 300fps
The weight up front (FOC) aids in penetration by concentrating what kinetic energy and momentum that is generated by the slower lighter poundage bow, and putting all the energy into the killing end of the arrow. I know some will argue that faster heavy poundage bows are going to generate more kinetic energy and more momentum and they are right. But in my opinion and in the opinion of a LOT of great bowyers a high FOC is the best way to get penetration out of lighter poundage slower bows.

Ed Ashby with grizzlystix Alaskan archery has written a lot about the benefits of Extreme FOC heavy cut on contact single bevel broadheads.

I killed a lot of animals prior to switching from light arrows 100 grain heads and 70 lb draw weights, and I have no objection to shooting them today, but Ive found in my shooting traditional equipment set up in this manner (high FOC) I get just as many pass thrus as I did with my Bowtec.
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