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For me the extra headweight seems to add penetration. It's taken some time to understand and I do not believe I know it all, but two primary factors being kinetic energy and momentum. Obviously EVERYTHING has it's limitations. I will say just practicing I get a solid 3-4 inches more of penetration from my heavier set-up if I shoot the same arrow with less nose weight. I have 100 grain brass inserts in my arrows + 165 grain Bear Razorhead broadheads. My longbow is 51# at my 27" draw and last season it passed almost 10" of arrow through (came out off side) a large sow (see avatar pic) at 25ish yards. The added weight continues to penetrate a little deeper where a lighter arrow might not do to the amount of energy lost at impact. If she is certain she wants to hunt, and please don't overbow her by trying to add to much draw weight, I might start out with something between 25-50 grain insert and a SOLID 2 blade head at least 125 grains. See what the gap between the pins are and if she can effectively shoot the inbetween yardages. Best of luck and let us know how it goes.
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