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My wife's set up is close to your wife's. My wife shoots a 39lb draw weight, 26.5 draw length with a 100gr broadhead. Her broadheads are the ramcat single bevel. I think they are an inch cutting diameter. She killed two deer in the past two years. Both shots completely passed thru the deer. One arrow burried 4 inches in the ground under the buck. I don't think the ramcats are magic at all. It's all about shot placement. Any shave hair, small diameter head, coc head will work. Just practice a ton and make sure she knows her max distance she is comfortable shooting and she will be successful. My wife practices out to 40 but won't shoot a deer unless it is 20 or less. She had to watch a 140+er walk by right before Christmas last year because he was at 35 yards. She made the right decision. Good luck to your wife!
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