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Originally Posted by gonehuntin68 View Post
So I guess you also want to see a reduction in the overall deer population because if everyone stops feeding year round there will also be less food for deer and thus less deer. A better idea would be to require hog proof feed pens around every feeder. With all that said, I don't want to see the pigs wiped out as I would rather hunt them then deer and they taste better IMO.
Originally Posted by Jason Slocum View Post
I'm perfectly fine with seeing a reduced deer population. I sit a feeders where 30+ deer show up every feeding. I also don't complain about the overpopulation of pigs. Don't want pigs on your property, don't give them a reason to be there 24/7. I can shoot pigs every night in grain fields down in corpus, but the last two years the farmer has planted cotton vs sorghum and he has no rooting or crop damage. Pretty simple concept.
I understand the concept and that is why I said we would be better off making it mandatory to have feed pens around feeders vs no feed in the off season especially during the prime time for antler growth. I honestly don't think you have really thought this through and all the animals that would die if year round feeding was stopped and I'm not just talking about deer and pigs, it's all animals that benefit from year round feeding.
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