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Originally Posted by txwhitetail View Post
You seem to think that people who don't think a big inheritance to their kids is a necessity in life are also dumb and broke when they get old...

You are proving some of these guys points on their posts.

Thanks for telling me what I think.

The reality is that the majority of people with the mindset of "I'm gonna spend it all and the last check I write is gonna bounce!" are, in most cases, going to end up being a burden on their children. I don't have a problem with someone like Warren Buffet saying that he won't leave his fortune to his children. That is 100% his call to give his money to someone else. But he will never be a financial burden on his children. If you plan on dying broke then you will most likely be broke before you die. Who is responsible for taking care of you then? Your kids or the government are pretty much the only options to take care of you in that scenario. At that point.......who is the "chitty" person?
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