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Originally Posted by Guerrero88 View Post
Where did you get the wheels. I was thinking about one of these trailers and was going to purchase the adapters but would rather just buy the 4x4 wheels $98 shipped to my door

Originally Posted by LivinADream View Post
Nice build, Im jealous of your tool arsenal, particularly that hypotherm plasma...
it's been great to have around. Only regret is buying the 45 instead of the 65

Originally Posted by ArcheryAddict View Post
Make sure you reinforce it at the neck and front frame. that was where mine broke.
Thanks! I'll throw a few pieces of angle on at the frame connection points.

Originally Posted by 6.8mmSPC View Post
You better red loctite all those bolts on that trailer or it will rattle apart the first trip
In addition to the locknuts? I actually removed the top bolts and welded on the 10 gauge bed. I suppose I could put a few tack welds on the bolts and nuts that are left on the bottom side.

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