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Here is a 4 acre kidney shaped field primarily in arrow leaf clover with some red ace red clover, crimson,and a little durano mixed in. THe small grain you see is rye. Great combo not only for nutrition but also for fawning and general cover. Whats cool about this combo is that the crimson and small grains grow great thru fall, winter and obviously hunting season. The arrow leaf comes on strong spring thru mid summer and will start dieing mid June laying down flat. I will mow the field late summer, replant the small grains Sept.ish and the process repeats.

This field is in the middle of an 11 acre pine plantation that is about 12 yrs. old. Surrounding that is an oak forest. There is a 15 acre soy bean field about 1/2 mile away. Laying between this field and the soybeans is a 3 acre rectangular vetch field nearly connecting the 2 fields .I would argue that the blind on this field is as good as about any blind anywhere in North America for seeing large homegrown native bucks.
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