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Joint vetch and Alyce clover coming up. The vetch has the mimosa looking leaf and the Alyce the round leaf. They should get shoulder high by early fall. Managed right they become reseeding annuals lasting many years. And the deer love it especially the vetch.

The only thing I dont like about fields with this in them is they become very weedy. Bothers my farmer sensibility but I'm sure the deer dont mind . Of course they eat some of the weeds as well.

I will mow the dead plants early spring then disc lightly. Watching closely I then will spray first weed blush with gly before they sprout. It's the only way I know to somewhat control the weeds. Typically the vetch and alyce germinate a little later as temps warm and get some rain.

While they are only a few inches high now I am already seeing deer starting in on them
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