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Default Traditional FSC Week 35

First off, prayers to all facing the dire effects of Harvey. I know that shooting a bow may be low on the priority list this week. For those able to find time and means to shoot, let's fire back symbolically. Also, we can use the circumstances to try and get better at hunting in adverse conditions.

The challenge is to shoot two arrows from 12 yards at a piece of paper with "Harvey" written on it. Specifically, just use a plain piece of 8-1/2"x11" paper; make the "H" with a 2-inch wide crossbar and 4-inch legs. Target point is a spot in the middle of the crossbar.

Couple of twists on this challenge: shoot the first arrow with WET fletchings; second one can be dry. Also, shoot while wearing rain hunting gear. For the measurement, subtract 1/2" from the distance of the wet-fletching arrow. Both arrows are measured from closest part of shaft to middle of dot on "H" crossbar. Lowest total of the two measurements (minus the wet-fletch deduction) wins the call for next week.

Note: you do not HAVE TO wet your fletchings on an arrow -- but you will not get a 1/2" measurement deduction. Also, if you CHOOSE to wet fletchings on BOTH arrows, you CAN deduct a 1/2" from the distance measurement of each.

Extra Note: Research indicates that steaming fletchings after they dry will get them plumped back up pretty well. Anyone wanting to share tips about this is welcome to do so.
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