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Originally Posted by arrowdynamic View Post
I went to TBR unit 1 Saturday afternoon and set up on a trail leading to the river. About 5:15 some guys showed up on the west side of the river and started dove hunting. They shot until 6:30 and then cranked up the stereo and partied. I was set up at TBR unit 3 Sunday morning when two pick up trucks barrelled down the trail just before 8:00 and started making noise all around me.
Lesson learned: go to TBR during the week when everyone else is at work.

Thanks to SanAngeloBowman for his hospitality.
Yes, always best to hunt Public Land during the week. I've got on deer every day since ya left (sorry ) and even shot a turkey today and had a porcupine charge me, so I had to shoot at him too. Thankfully I missed him cause I really didn't want to deal with pulling my arrow out of the pincushion. He was huge. Bigger than my black lab, so I don't know if that s normal cause its the first one I've seen in person (and up close ) the moon change and cooler temps sure has helped, sorry Rob. We'll get ya one next time.
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