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Originally Posted by SPANISH GRINGO View Post
Can someone provide me an idea were the camping at the buttes is located. Not the state park but the reservoir. thank you.

You CAN camp anywhere you want, but I would recommend camping at the main reservoir /boat ramp/ campground entrance (Twin Buttes Marina Park Dr.) off HWY67 just 3 miles outside of town passed the super WALMART. It is the road that appears on the MAP above right at the very top between UNIT 6 & 7 with the "Loop" on the end. Thats the camping area at the endalong the loop. That way you are very close to stores, food, supplies, Academy Sport, etc. Turn off Hwy at the Town & Country convenience store and Gas station. I wouldn't bother hunting around there though, unless you have a 4 wheeler and go WAY back in UNIT 6 along the far reaches of the river. Your gear will be safer there because of all the activity and traffic around there but it will be a waste of time hunting around all that noise.

Do you have a 4 wheeler? or you hunting on foot? UNit 5 is foot traffic only and doesn't get hunted much. I haven't seen any trucks parked there at all this entire week+
Unit 4 can be good and is close by the campground. My ranch is right next to that unit and I can give ya some pointers and where to look.

PM me if ya want to cruise around there or need more info. I'll send ya my cell number. I need a change of scenery anyway. I've heard alot more people shooting deer off on public land than we have lately

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