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Well, really it depends on WHERE you go. I was up on the Dove Creek stretch last year and the ATVs were relentless, but I didn't notice any being heeled. Haven't even gone out there this year. Out at 12 mile I've had buckshot pass within close proximity (I could feel the vibration and hear the buzz) and a friend of mine had a run in with a couple guys, one packing an assault shotgun, the other a glock; in the archery season. I've only taken 2 deer out of there in the years I've hunted it, but at least its hunting. My brother inlaw, still at 12 mile, had a pellet strike the fence post where he was crossing. He hit the ground in a defensive posture. We decided that was about enough.

I've seen quite a few quail hunters out there too. Which is fine, but their dogs tend to shut the deer movement down.
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