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Originally Posted by stonesmokey View Post
Hunted Angelo State Park a few weeks ago. Saw several doe all out of range. Looking for any advice. Unit 1 and & 7 seem to be most promising, I only hunted 7. Is Twin Buttes rifle hunted if not would like to try there next time I come to Angelo. What units are best/less crowded? Heard it gets pretty crazy out there? Thanks Stoney

Unit 7is one of the most accessable areas and you can even drive a passanger car through there as a shortcut to get to "Gassy Meadows" (Middle Concho Park) I don't know anyone that hunts there (ever) plus the area around the dam/spillway is the designated 4x4 offroad park region and can get very busy on weekends. I wouldn't really waste my time around there. Go down the road to Unit 6 and go way back as far as you can reach or Unit 4 if you are on that side of the lake. Unit 1 is great but w/o someone to show you how to get into it and where to head once in'll never find it.
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