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So I have two creeks on my place. One biggun and one littlun. I have to cross the littlun to get my tractor to the back of the property (can't drive it over my narrow bridge over the biggun). Due to the culvert having a 45 degree bend in got clogged up over the years and the water would run over and around the culvert with a heavy rain. It got so bad that there is a mini grand canyon there now. Hard to see due to the vegetation, but it's too wide to even jump over.

I've tried a temporary fix in the past but we got 5" of rain shortly after that and it really got bad.

Soooo...the neighbor and I are going in and paying somebody to fix it. Hopefully this week or next week they will show up with a new culvert (36" instead of 24") and they are going to "straighten out the creek a bit" so there won't be any bend in the culverts. One straight shot, 60' long underneath the property fence. They are bringing in 4 loads of clay and a several loads of rock to bed it with and put around it. Hopefully it will last. I've got a lot of tractor work to do in the back and haven't had it back there in almost 2.5 years. So looking forward to that.

On a side not, this is the culvert where my dog got snake bit when she ran down to get a drink in the creek. That was a few years ago. The contractor called me and said when he was taking measurements he saw two moccasins at the mouth of the culvert. Wish I could be there when they rip the old one out of the ground. Might be some good .22 targets crawling around.

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