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Originally Posted by SolocamShooter View Post
You'd be surprised how many people bait, put up permanent stands and drive off the road out there in all the NF's. There seems to be a wide disregard for the law out there and the lack of enforcement doesn't help anything. It sucks to scout and work all summer then have someone move in on your spot come deer season and corn it where you can't hunt it. I've been running into that more and more.

Those are some great bucks Flash!

I feel you here. Last year I spent 3months targeting a buck. I finally got to the point that I was getting pics of him using a trail every two days. Hunted the spot for 3 days. On the fourth day I got a picture of a guy walking on the trail with a bag of corn. Fifth day I got a pic of the buck again. Sixth day my camera was gone. It's so frustrating. Who knows maybe I had moved into an area where he was already hunting. But still.....leave a note or something. Don't just take my stuff. I have walked up on multiple cameras and simply turned around. I was ground hunting in a very large thicket once and walked up on what looked like a fire lane in the middle of the thicket. It was about 50yrds long and 10'wide. Someone had gone in there and cut trees down and cleared underbrush and put a popup on one end and a camera with corn on the other end. The ground blind was all bleached out with holes in it so it had been there awhile. Beer cans and coke cans littered the floor. It was sickening.

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