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Default 2018 San Angelo surrounding area season thread.....

Originally Posted by RascalArms View Post
Had a great 3 day weekend and got a lot of work done in NW Schleicher Co.
Got my brand new Maverick blind put together and in place at my new set up. Will build a 8x8 platform for it soon to get it up in the air a little. I installed some curtains inside it as well. I think Iím gonna really like this new set up

Added another 700lb corn feeder (NOTE: The Academy 600 pound Game Winner Cube feeder holds 700lbs [emoji106]) topped off the 775 lb double barrel feeder (a real PITA!) and put 1,440 lbs of Cottonseed in 2 feeders

Bowsticker and AntlerCollector helped me move a stand I acquired from another lease member to my old set up. THANKS GUYS!! [emoji106][emoji106]
I added some Deerview windows to it and also topped off the 2 85gal corn feeders at that location

Put out 2 new cameras, pulled and replaced batteries and sd card on another, did a little maintenance and clean up to my trailer and camp area, ate some good food, shared a campfire with some even better folks and drank an adult beverage...or 2. [emoji108]

Overall it was a very productive but tiresome weekend for an old man. Hardly a hitch..........other than my son and I having to save camp from burning down after a totally careless and negligent act by a lease mate, who shall remain nameless at this time. [emoji23][emoji23]
(But that may or may not have been mentioned above?) [emoji6]

Helluva work weekend. Glad you got it all done. You and your poor son were prob sore Monday morning..[emoji13][emoji23]
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