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Default Let's Walk Across Border to Old Mexico

I haven't done one of these in a while so here goes nuthin'...

Models are Joe "Eldog" Loya and Deni "Dendog" Vidaurri.

Place is Progresso, AKA Las Flores AKA Blue Town.

Gotta mount the lucky bird!

Name:  Las Flores, Mexico.jpg
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Obligatory pose with sign

Name:  Las Flores, Mexico-2.jpg
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Tough light to shoot in with shade abruptly moving into bright sunlight. Interesting camera puzzle.

Name:  Las Flores, Mexico-3.jpg
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Deni was afraid to go to Mexico. It took some convincing but after it was done she had fun.

Name:  Las Flores, Mexico-4.jpg
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The Mexico side still looks like something out of a movie set

Name:  Las Flores, Mexico-5.jpg
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The cara cara with snake.

Name:  Las Flores, Mexico-6.jpg
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Street Doggin' it

Name:  Las Flores, Mexico-7.jpg
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Light and shadows

Name:  Las Flores, Mexico-8.jpg
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time to shine

Name:  Las Flores, Mexico-9.jpg
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one more

Name:  Las Flores, Mexico-10.jpg
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